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Querying for a Date Range (Specific Month or Day)

Credit: Mike Dirolf


You want to list all of the documents in a collection (in the example we'll use "posts") that were created in a particular month. Each document in the collection has a field representing the date it was created:

    "title" : "A blog post",
    "author" : "Mike",
    "content" : "...",
    "created_on" : new Date();

We want to perform a query to get all documents whose value for created_on is in the month of April, 2010.


Use a range query to query for documents whose value for created_on is greater than a Date representing the start of the month, and less than a Date representing the end.

1. Construct Date objects representing the start and end of the month

Our first step is to construct Date instances that we can use to do the range query. In JavaScript:

var start = new Date(2010, 3, 1);
var end = new Date(2010, 4, 1);

Note that in JS the month portion of the Date constructor is 0-indexed, so the start variable above is April 1st and the end variable is May 1st. The logic here is similar in all languages, in Python we'd do:

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> start = datetime(2010, 4, 1)
>>> end = datetime(2010, 5, 1)

2. Perform a range query

Now that we have our reference dates, we can perform a range query to get the matching documents, note the use of the special $ operators, $gte (greater-than) and $lt (less-than):

db.posts.find({created_on: {$gte: start, $lt: end}});

Again, this translates nicely to other languages - in Python it's:

>>> db.posts.find({"created_on": {"$gte": start, "$lt": end}})

3. Use an index for performance

To make these queries fast we can use an index on the created_on field:

db.posts.ensureIndex({created_on: 1});

We can also use a compound index if we're performing a query on author and a date range, like so:

db.posts.ensureIndex({author: 1, created_on: 1});
db.posts.find({author: "Mike", created_on: {$gt: start, $lt: end}});
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